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Relieve Your Fatigue.
Restore Your Hope.

Cancer-Related Fatigue – The Answers
You Need & the Care You Deserve

Canada’s First Medical Care
Service for Cancer-Related Fatigue

At Cancer Fatigue Services, we transform lives by alleviating cancer-related fatigue & restoring hope for a life well-lived.

Our Approach

Cancer-related fatigue is complex. Our approach to your care is simple.

We deliver comprehensive fatigue care that is personalized, flexible, affordable, and compassionate.

Cancer-related fatigue is common, disruptive & unaddressed.

Define Your ‘Tired’.
Use our Cancer Fatigue Analyzer to better understand your fatigue.

Unlock new insights into your personal fatigue risk, severity, impact, and care needs.

Tired of being tired?
Contact us today

Do not accept being fatigued as part of your ‘new normal’. Book your free and no-obligation consultation with our Customer Care Team to learn more about how we can help address your cancer fatigue-related concerns.