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CFS’ Partners

Our Fatigue Care
Partner Network

We have established relationships with trusted healthcare professionals skilled in treating cancer-related fatigue, who are committed to providing timely, accessible (e.g. in-person or remote services), and affordable care services to support our patients.

Our Partners are committed to:

Participating in our quality assurance program to ensure everyone caring for our patients has the training and experience required to provide effective care to our patients.

Prioritizing our patients to ensure they are seen in a quick and timely manner.

Developing and delivering tailored treatment programs and care services that are evidence-based, flexible, and affordable for most patients.

Maintaining open lines of communication with our team to ensure that our care efforts are coordinated and complementary.

Our Current Partners

Everwell Counselling
Everwell Integrated Health Professionals offers specialized counselling for Cancer Fatigue Services patients, with a compassionate team of Psychotherapists and Social Workers experienced in supporting the cancer journey.
Toronto Brain Health
Toronto Brain Health specializes in cognitive assessment and rehabilitation for cancer-related fatigue, with expert psychologists providing both in-person and online support to address fatigue-related cognitive challenges.

A Partnership You Can Be Proud Of

Take a stand with us against cancer-related fatigue. Learn more about joining our Fatigue Care Partner Network.