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Amy Gildner


Director of Clinical Services & Operations

Amy Gildner is a highly-skilled physiotherapist and healthcare leader with over 10 years of clinical practice experience.  She completed her BSc (Honours) in Kinesiology at Dalhousie University (Halifax, Nova Scotia) and her MSc in Physical Therapy at the University of Toronto Physical Therapy program (Toronto, Ontario) where she holds an academic appointment (status-only).

Amy’s work as a private- and public-sector physiotherapist has provided her with unique insight into the distinct needs of underserved patient populations and motivated her action to address gaps in the Canadian healthcare system. She obtained her pelvic floor physiotherapy designation to help address the limited understanding of women’s pelvic health issues and the chronic pain associated with it. She has developed a focused practice and mentors new physiotherapists in this area. Similarly, Amy’s recognition of the inefficiency and care barriers created by the lack of communication between healthcare records prompted her to pursue her Health Informatics certificate at the Chang School of Continuing Education (Toronto, Ontario).

Building on her passion for advocacy, Amy worked in a leadership role at a multidisciplinary health clinic where she managed and oversaw business development (Clinical Director: Lifemark Health). Additionally, she supervised patient care for a healthcare technology startup specializing in reducing and treating workplace injuries (Clinical Director; Sarjan Health).

The specific combination of Amy’s clinical, educational, and advocacy experience has perfectly prepared her to be the Director of Clinical Services and Operations. Amy works hard both behind the scenes and directly with you to ensure your fatigue-related healthcare and support needs are met to the very best of our abilities!

Her primary concern is making sure every person entrusted to our care receives the personalized, timely and compassionate care they need to effectively address their fatigue and get back to living life on their own terms.