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For Health Care Providers

Referring to Cancer Fatigue Services

Empower Your Patients Towards Better Health and Well-being

Cancer Fatigue Services

delivers dedicated care and support to meet the unique challenges of your patients living with cancer-related fatigue. Our program provides evidence-based assessments and interventions informed by clinical best practices and our national care guidelines.

Why Refer to Cancer Fatigue Services?

We make it easy to give your patients the care they deserve, reduce your workload and refer your patients to professionals specialized in cancer-related fatigue.

Expert Care

We are a multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals specialized in the evaluation and treatment of cancer-related fatigue.

Individualized Plans

We offer personalized care plans tailored to the specific causes, care needs, and life circumstances of every patient.

Comprehensive Management

Your patients can access a full complement of physical, mental, and emotional support services through our clinic and our extended network of Fatigue Care Partners.

Our pledge to
referring physicians


We maintain clear and consistent communication regarding the status of your patients within our care.

Referral Process

Physician referral to our clinic is required for patients to be eligible for OHIP coverage. Download our referral form HERE, or use your own, and fax the referral to 416-849-5421.

Your Work

We provide free in-service information sessions to you and your teams to educate you about our services and support your management of patients concerned about cancer-related fatigue.


Our care is directly informed by the national (and international) guidelines for cancer fatigue management and adheres to clinical best practices to optimize the impact of our care.

Care Planning

We believe in a multidisciplinary approach and work with relevant practitioners to plan and deliver personalized care that aligns with your patient’s overall treatment goals and support needs.

and Privacy

We uphold the highest standards of patient confidentiality and privacy.

Feedback and
Continuous Improvement

We welcome feedback about our care and communication from our healthcare peers as a valuable tool for improving our services and strengthening our partnerships.

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