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Information for physicians, nurses, and all other allied healthcare professionals looking to learn more about Cancer Fatigue Services and cancer-related fatigue

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Cancer-Related Fatigue: Prevalent, Burdensome, and Unaddressed…Until Now!

Cancer-Related Fatigue: Prevalent, Burdensome, and Unaddressed…Until Now!

Cancer-related fatigue is a prevalent side effect experienced by up to 95% of cancer patients, with 30% suffering significant fatigue even five years post-treatment with many patients likely requiring but not receiving adequate personalized fatigue care.
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Regulated Health Professionals and Cancer-Related Fatigue: We All Play a Role

Regulated Health Professionals and Cancer-Related Fatigue: We All Play a Role

Understanding what other Regulated Health Professionals do and how they play a key role in cancer treatment at different points of the patient’s cancer journey, can be critical to providing the best possible care.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions about cancer fatigue, related risks, and its treatment thanks to our FAQ section.
What is cancer-related fatigue?

Cancer-related fatigue is a persistent feeling of tiredness and lack of energy experienced by people living with and after cancer that is not relieved by rest or sleep.

How can cancer-related fatigue be managed?

Several strategies can help manage cancer-related fatigue, including regular exercise, counselling, stress management, and energy conservation. Experienced healthcare providers can be extremely helpful in finding the right combination of treatments/management strategies to address the unique causes of fatigue for affected individuals.

Can cancer fatigue be prevented?

It is not always possible to prevent cancer fatigue. However, there are effective ways to reduce your risk of developing it and limit the severity of the condition if you do. Your healthcare team can help you identify the factors that may increase your risk of developing cancer fatigue and the right combination of fatigue prevention strategies to address them.

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