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What We Do

Our dedicated fatigue care specialists are with you every step of the way

A unique approach you won’t find anywhere else

We are the only medical service specializing in cancer-related fatigue in Canada, delivering a hybrid model of in-person and at-home care to ensure that everyone who needs our care can access it.



What you need, tailored to your cancer fatigue unique causes and symptoms.



Whenever and however (in-person, at-home) your energy and schedule require it.



Equitable access to care by prioritizing public, insurance-funded care.

How It Works

Our cancer fatigue care model consists of the following
six critical components:

Comprehensive Fatigue

Our multidisciplinary team evaluates your full medical history, conducts a complete physical exam and performs functional assessments to identify all major causes of your cancer-related fatigue.

Personalized Fatigue
Care Plan

Our team uses your assessment results to develop your Personalized Fatigue Care Plan and works with you to refine it to ensure it is effective and fits your life.

Individualized Fatigue

We deliver tailored fatigue education, counselling, and behavioural support to address the most important aspects of your care needs and potential treatment barriers.

Supervised Exercise

Exercise therapy is the most effective prevention and treatment strategy for cancer-related fatigue. We customize your exercise plan to ensure your prescription aligns with your specific treatment goals, preferences and delivery needs.

Education & Support

You have full access to our comprehensive library of resources to get informed, get motivated, and stay on track.

& Support

From our first interaction to your triumphant exit, we are with you at every step. Our Customer Care Team provides quick and reliable support, helping you tackle any challenges you experience along the way.

Define Your ‘Tired’.
Use our Cancer Fatigue Analyzer to better understand your fatigue.

Unlock new insights into your personal fatigue risk, severity, impact, and care needs.

Our Approach

Exercise Therapy: The best treatment and prevention strategy for cancer-related fatigue

We are Canada’s only dedicated medical service delivering targeted exercise therapy for cancer-related fatigue. It may seem backwards, but 30 years of research has shown exercise is the single most effective therapy for treating and preventing cancer fatigue.

Cardiopulmonary Exercise Tests (CPETs):

CPETs help pinpoint the causes of your fatigue, which become the main treatment targets within your Personalized Care Plan and exercise program.

Individualized Exercise Prescription:

One-size does not fit all. Our team develops targeted exercise plans to address the specific causes of your fatigue that are tailored to fit your life.

Supervised Exercise Therapy:

Guided by our Exercise Therapists and overseen by our physicians, your exercise is delivered in a safe and supportive environment.

High-quality exercise studies show that aerobic exercise training has the largest effect on reducing fatigue.

Like medications, exercise works best if you receive the correct dose (i.e. the right duration and intensity)!

‘Underdoing it’ can be ineffective, but ‘overdoing it’ can be harmful!


of aerobic
exercise dose




of aerobic
exercise dose



When people receive:

…only 50% of their prescribed exercise dose, they experience NO reduction in their fatigue.

…100% of their prescribed exercise dose, they experience LARGE reductions in their fatigue.


What to Expect

At Cancer Fatigue Services, our goal is to provide you with the treatment and resources that will get you to, or keep you in, a place where fatigue is not a burden on your life.

Take control. Take your life back!

Optimized Fatigue

Control of your health and energy.

In-Depth Knowledge

A thorough understanding of your cancer-related fatigue, its causes and risks.

Empowered Self-Care

Confidence and skills to address future health challenges.

Improved Well-Being

Enhanced physical, mental and emotional health for sustained improvement in your fatigue and quality of life.

Compassionate Care

We deliver affordable fatigue care for all.

Most of our services are covered fully or partially by public healthcare and private insurance.*

Flexible care coverage options are available to ensure equal access to healthcare for all.*

*For eligible individuals.

Define Your ‘Tired’.
Use our Cancer Fatigue Analyzer to better understand your fatigue.

Unlock new insights into your personal fatigue risk, severity, impact, and care needs.

Tired of being tired?
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Do not accept being fatigued as part of your ‘new normal’. Book your free and no-obligation consultation with our Customer Care Team to learn more about how we can help address your cancer fatigue-related concerns.